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What is an ipis?

"Ipis" is a Filipino word that means "cockroach". I find it an amusing way to pronounce "Eee PC" with 2 syllables instead of spelling out all the letters. Plus, now you know that I am Filipino. ;)


I'm starting this ipis (pronounced "EE-pees") OS X wiki to have a common place where users of OSX86 on the Asus Eee PC line of netbooks can actively work together to develop a fully working "Hackintosh" Eee PC.

There are already a great number of resources on the web regarding installing and using Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, and some are focused on the Asus Eee PC netbook. However, the information is highly fragmented, and I've found that people like myself are stumbling around looking for answers. Most prominently, the site MacEee.com published what they called "the most supported guide" to installing OS X Leopard on the Eee PC. I myself followed the steps published there to get up and running, and it arguably has the clearest guide on the web. To their credit, many people with Eee PCs have used their guide and our community has grown. Unfortunately, their idea of support was to leave us hanging for 2 months as the author disappeared on an unannounced vacation.

Other authoritative sites providing OSX86 information are not specifically geared to the needs of Eee PC users. The venerable InsanelyMac Forums are invaluable but Eee PC users only constitute a fraction of their members. Another good site is actually this forum thread on the MSI Wind netbook users forum — clearly not targeted at us.

Here at ipis-osx we have formed a large and supportive community aimed specifically at getting OS X fully working on the Asus Eee PC and other similar netbooks. In the few short months that we have been up we have already become the focus for active AppleHDA research to get full sound support on the common netbook ALC269 audio codec. Additionally, we are continually developing new solutions that are specifically designed to improve the OS X experience on the netbook platform. We welcome everyone who comes here to increase their knowledge or to contribute to our efforts.

Complete OS X Support

Tutorials - A collection of how-tos on various OS X on ipis topics.

Supported OS X Distributions - MacEee.com started us off with the iDeneb distribution. Information about other distributions welcome here. OS X 10.5.5 Update findings here

Internal Sound - The Intel HDA - Realtek ALC269 inside is silent under OS X. Silence is breaking, slowly but surely
Ethernet - The Attansic LE1 ethernet controller is not recognized.
Asus Hotkeys - The Asus Hotkeys don't work, so we don't have the luxury of screen brightness adjustments. Screen brightness workaround inside

Summary of Kext Hacks - The MacEee.com guide provides a package of working kext patches that provide additional compatibility between the Eee PC hardware and OS X Leopard. Along the way, some contributors found different kext solutions from other sources that may be better choices. We can keep track of needed patches here.

Model Specific Notes - The Asus EeePC comes in several different models. What is baffling is that the MacEee guide explicitly recommends using a 1000H, but the guide is prepared on a 901. The result was mass confusion as to determining what BIOS settings needed to be enabled and disabled.

Multi-Boot Setups - Sure, OS X is great, but some of us want it all!

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