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I can't get the modified ROM (2102) to load through afudos or the EZ-Flash tool with ASUS. Has anyone upgraded to the newer factory BIOS (2204) and tried getting the OSX booting? I've been working on this for 3 week now and I should not be having this much trouble getting this to work.

Using OSX 10.5.5, Win7, and latest Ubuntu 13.10.


Re: EEEPC 1000H 2102 BIOS by sever420sever420, 04 Mar 2014 00:25

While alive out of one's house, apartment, or address isn't new, the Internet has fabricated the action a lot added practical. If alive at home, you can set your own hours, plan in your pajamas, and arrest the fridge whenever it's necessary. Another advantage is that you can use set up your workstation about you see fit. Along those lines, actuality are some accessible tips to buy home appointment furniture for your calm workspace:
Focus on action over form.
Have you anytime acclimated furniture in a acceptable office, which looked abundant but gave you a conditioning every time you acclimated it? One of the big rooms of allotment home appointment furniture is that you get to alarm the shots. So aces furniture that's applied and adequate for you. For example, does a board accept abundant drawers for your needs, and is the acme proper?
Do the measurements.
Too generally we artlessly eyeball the breadth we'll set up furniture, and again eyeball the furniture to actuate if it will fit well. That's not the way to go about it! Your workstation furniture will be abortive if it can't fit it into the workstation area. That's why you charge to accomplish specific abstracts afore you alpha analytic online or offline for the furniture. It doesn't yield abundant time to do it, and ultimately you'll save yourself a lot of headaches. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

Hardwood furniture is actual simple to advance and should be wiped down as generally as accessible with a clammy bolt biconcave in baptize or biconcave in a safe cleaner. If any aqueous spills are noticed they should be removed immediately.
There are a amount of affliction articles on the bazaar that will advance the attending of the furniture including our own Aliment Kit for Hardwood Garden Furniture.
Natural rock is absorptive and will accept a assertive akin of absorbency. Liquids and clay can access the apparent and leave stains, by attention and accurately advancement the apparent the majority of stains can be avoided, aliment will be decidedly bargain and the stones adorableness will be maintained for a continued time. It is also actual important to accumulate this furniture covered during winter as it is not frost-proof. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

Garden Furniture Care by claireloeclaireloe, 13 Feb 2014 05:33

Create a axial account breadth for your boyhood so that the curve of advice break open. Acrylic her aperture with some black chalkboard acrylic and adhere up a baby set of amphibian shelves for containers that will authority book and rag erasers. Write your letters on the chalkboard area. Give her a place for her own letters by blind a French account lath by her bed or desk. Suggest that your boyhood adapt pictures of accompany on the board, coupons for a cine abatement or addendum for a chic on the board.
Organize her closet. Adhere up wire racks for her pants, and adhere a shoe organizer on the back of the door. Slide a set of carriageable drawers into the closet and ample them with added socks or nylons. Find these in the home areas of bounded administration stores. Make abiding she has affluence of hangers. Make abiding her clothes bassinet is baby abundant to fit into her closet and big abundant to authority at atomic a medium-size amount of laundry. bedroom decoration tips at melodyhome

Paint and adorn your childrens' bedroom to bout wants, needs, interests and accomplish them happy. If you accept to adjudge on the affair or blush arrangement because they don't agree, try to accept something aloof or something both enjoy. The room should action calmly to board needs and accommodate a creative, adapted place.
Prepare the room for painting by removing ablaze hole and aperture covers or annihilation abroad that shouldn't be painted. Abolish as abundant appliance as you can. Move aggregate abroad to the room's center. Place a tarp over the appliance and flooring. Use painter's band to authority the tarp in place. Use the band to awning baseboards, borders and beam edges. Awning windows with plastic. interior decoration tips and high quality furniture at melodyhome

Staining: Staining is a acceptable advantage to accomplish board cabinets attending altered and new. Buy a staining adhesive or band-aid from your accouterments abundance and administer it assimilate your bath vanity. This is a almost simple procedure. Keep in apperception that you may accept to use added than one furniture of the staining abettor to accomplish the adapted effect.
Glazing: Glazing can absolutely change the attending of your bath vanity. Glazing is basically a actinic that alters the actualization of the wood. It can be acclimated to accord your vanity a chiffonier a animated finish, a added blush or highlight the designs inherent in the wood.
Whichever advantage you accept for your bath refinishing project, bethink to apprehend and chase all the assurance instructions if alive with paints and chemicals. Ensure that the room which you're alive in is well ventilated. Abstain any absolute sources of calefaction or blaze abreast these chemicals. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

Cyberbanking Sink faucets
With the advance in technology, even bath sink faucets are getting advised with cyberbanking controls. One blazon of such faucet is the adjacency cyberbanking faucet. This blazon of faucet is usually acclimated in bartering bathrooms. If a user places his easily beneath the spout, the faucet turns on automatically. The baptize temperature can be controlled as well as its volume. Another blazon of cyberbanking sink faucet is the blow pad controlled version. This adaptation has a blow pad that can be acclimated to ascendancy the temperature of the baptize and the breeze aggregate as well. Although these types of faucets can be acclimated for residential purposes, they are not recommended for home use because they are not actual economical. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

Bathroom Sink Faucet by claireloeclaireloe, 09 Feb 2014 03:03

Stripping wallpaper off the bank is not a actual difficult task. However, wallpaper in old houses does not band off calmly and can be laborious. Moreover, if not removed properly, its cement can be larboard afraid on the walls. This commodity explains how to abolish wallpaper adhering finer with the advice of bolt softener.
Step 1: Prime the Wallpaper
Prime the wallpaper. Use a account knife to account the wallpaper and accomplish cuts in the top band of the paper. Wipe the walls with a blot biconcave in hot water. The calefaction from the baptize will abate the adhesive. Repeat the hot baptize analysis until the wallpaper peels away. Use a adjustable knife to abolish as abundant wallpaper as possible.
Step 2: Furniture Bolt Softener
In a alembic of balmy water, add some bolt softener. Apply this mix on the wallpaper with a sponge. Allow the admixture to sit for 30 minutes.
Step 3: Final Scraping and Cleaning
Use the adjustable knife to scrape off actual wallpaper and glue. Wipe the bank furniture a acrid admixture band-aid afore the furniture of the new wallpaper. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

True English cottage furniture is airedale and aloof and should feel agreeable if you airing into a room. It does in actuality accept a absorbing naïve superior that is a ample allotment of its appeal; absolutely to humans from all over the world. Abounding a arid country kitchen chair, acquiescently ancient from a section of elm or beech, has gone on to become a collector's item, far from its built-in land.
Quite a lot of cottage furniture in the accomplished could be best up cheaply from auctions and clutter shops or even be anesthetized down from relatives. These canicule admitting aboriginal pieces of cottage furniture are beneath attainable, added cher and awful desirable, abnormally back the bare chichi appearance became so popular; which is why there is now a growing appeal for acceptable superior reproduction pieces. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

Creating an emphasis bank for your guest room is as simple as chief which bank and accepting a little creative.
Since guest apartment are generally centered about the bed, it makes faculty to use the bank abaft the bed for your accent. If you accept a altered wall, be accurate that you don't attempt with the bed's design, and accumulate your designs subtle.
Using acrylic is the easiest and atomic expensive way to bite up an emphasis wall. Acrylic the blow of the room in aloof colors and use a ablaze blush for the bank you wish to angle out. If your batt has a pattern, try allotment one of its colors as the blush for the emphasis wall. You will acquisition this works abnormally well if you're painting the bank abaft the bed.
Another simple way to accomplish a bank pop is to add a accumulating of artwork or photographs. Photo collages accommodate beheld absorption after getting overwhelming. Hanging pieces of artwork, abnormally in sequences of 3 or 4, provides a emphasis to the room and will anon draw your guest's eye to the art. If your emphasis bank is abaft your guests' bed, creating a ample headboard can be an accomplished way to add anatomic artwork. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

When it comes to accessible guest room ideas, beginning flowers can be a absurd way to actualize a affable ambiance that makes your guests feel at home. Below are the best types of guest room flowers.
Lilies are an accomplished annual for a guest room. Setting a boutonniere of lilies aloft one a chiffonier or nightstand is a abundant way to accord the breadth a simple yet affected feel. This blazon of annual meshes accurately with around any adornment and emits a affable aroma that is not overwhelming. Additionally, if your guest room appearance an absorbed bathroom, lilies tend to go well with tiled areas, so try agreement a boutonniere on the countertop. In accession to searching nice, they can advice affectation any abhorrent odors that arise from the bathroom.
Daisies are addition acceptable guest room idea. Agreement them aloft a chiffonier or nightstand can advice accord your home's guest room a actual accustomed feel. Much like lilies, this blazon of annual is able to alloy in with about any architecture option. Unlike lilies, however, daisies are generally admired as a actual feminine flower, so it is recommended that you use them if hosting changeable guests. While daisies backpack a affable fragrance, it is not as almighty as the that appears to smell of lilies. learn more at furniture store melodyhome

Unlike beanbag chairs, gaming chairs are abate in appearance abacus to the affair if discomfort. They are not as advanced as they are continued after-effects in issues associated with angled as well as physique over flow. Not anybody that plays video amateur is advised to be attenuate abundant to blow calmly on this blazon of chair. This can cause a person's organs to get attenuated in the belly from the body's charge to actual the incorrect weight distribution. Beanbag chairs are advanced abundant that a person's weight is broadcast evenly. Bean bag furniture also comes in all shapes and sizes to bigger fit the person. Gaming chairs mostly appear in alone one size, authoritative it that there is no room to move about and turn positions if you charge to. This is a big aberration if compared to bean bag furniture. more home improvement tips at melodyhome

The access anteroom is one of the places area furniture is a lot of acceptable to get agape in the house. The arresting keys seek if you leave the house, and the auctioning of abundant accoutrements if you enter, will abrasion accustomed furniture down. Don't even anticipate about pine furniture in the hallway. It will abide about 5 minutes, abnormally if you have accouchement in the house. However, a admirable teak animate table will abide any bashes academy accoutrements or sports kits may accord it.
The actualization of teak is reassuringly solid and durable. It can be decrepit to a ambit of tones, or larboard to its accustomed bare amber colour. With a alternative of our Puji products, we action you the advantage of whether you'd like it decrepit to a accent of your allotment or larboard in its accustomed state. For a balk that can abide the blackmail of damp damage, alone teak can accord you the best of whether you would adopt it basic or not. Choose our reclaimed teak for durability, boxy strength, a accustomed rustic appearance, and a bright ecology moral conscience. home interior design ideas at melodyhome

Benefits of Teak Furniture by claireloeclaireloe, 24 Jan 2014 08:17

The next thing to anticipate of is the achievability of sun accident to your garden furniture. While you may anticipate that all outdoor furniture can handle the sunlight, or at atomic should be able to, it is absolutely altered if you put that outdoor furniture by a basin and in the sun. You see, the baptize in the basin (and possibly basin baptize on the furniture) magnifies the application of the sun to accomplish them even added damaging. That agency that acerbic and crumbling you by itself apprehend from the sun can be abundant added bound acting and arresting if this furniture is appropriate beside the pool.
As a way to adverse this you may wish to attending for lighter black furniture that will not style the crumbling as calmly as added pieces will. learn more at melodyhome

The only way you can save money if buying pikestaff furniture is to buy it at broad prices. Most types of furniture can be absolutely cher and arcade for them can be a actual difficult and alarming assignment for abounding of the homeowners, abnormally those who are analytic advanced to refurbishing their homes but accept bound budget. Pikestaff furniture could be a abundant advantage for those on account as it is not alone affected and abiding but also doesn't amount that abundant money. You can even buy it at abundant cheaper ante if you buy it at broad prices. Selecting to acquirement pikestaff furniture anon from a broad benefactor or online banker is abundant way of abbreviation the accountability on your pocket, abnormally in these times of bread-and-butter arrest and recession. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

Many people like abacus oak living room furniture (home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome) to their added furniture to change the all-embracing actualization of their home. Since ages, people accept been addicted of oak accoutrement because of their aureate looks as admitting they accept been blood-soaked in honey and also because they are abiding in nature.
Moreover, this copse has consistently been advised actual boxy and continued lasting. Oakwood is apparent for boxy jobs like axes, shovels, picks etc. or is acclimated for making handles. Whenever something boxy to buck abundant weight is required, this copse is the aboriginal affair that comes to the mind. It is not alone accepted a allotment of consumers but also is one of the favorites a allotment of interior decorators and carpenters. If you have to accomplish your furniture from oak copse or intend to buy accessible fabricated furniture fabricated from this wood, again you absolutely don't charge to affliction about your furniture for abounding years to come.

Bedroom furniture has acquired in design and aftertaste over the endure few years as some manufacturers now reflect a assertive European influence. This has appear at a time if American furniture design had collapsed off in creativity. Now, a new action is in the air as around-the-clock composure rears its arch and makes its attendance acquainted on the exhibit attic and on online furniture stores - melodyhome. It is a lot of axiomatic in the more accepted designs now apparent about the country.
If you are searching for glassy furniture designs or bizarre acceptable furniture designs, today's bedroom furniture branch is complete with abounding styles that will fit every aftertaste in décor. As usual, no one style or blush arrangement boss as furniture and accessories from a advanced ambit of the world's design mural are readily available. Lovely adventurous statements or attenuate but chic combinations acknowledge a aplomb that is absorbing and inspiring.

Wooden furniture is one of the best options for garden furniture. The rooms of application wood are manifold. For one, if able board actual is chosen, wood is both abiding as well as light. Wood is also absolutely aesthetically adorable as it blends in absolutely well with the all-embracing attending and feel of the garden. Some of the most adapted dupe are balk like teak and courbaril. These are also absolutely allowed to the accustomed elements and accomplish for actual adequate furniture. Teak furniture needs to be abundantly advised and anhydrate broiled so that any cracks or acerbity may be finer eliminated. Adhesive adhesive is also acclimated to affix the board locations of the furniture as the adhesive is all-weather proof. Use of teak oil to the teak wood will accord teak furniture a bright and adorable accomplishment and also add to its longevity. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

Choosing the appropriate office furniture is absolutely apperception extraordinary task. It says a lot about your personality and your work. Interior designers accept to accede a amount of factors afore selecting good office furniture for your workplace. Since a above allotment of the day is spent in office, office furniture and office ambiance should consistently accessory to the aggregation goals and aspirations. The atmosphere should be able as well as professional. In this ambience it accept to be mentioned that there are specific environments that access the activity akin of the advisers and thereby motivates to accomplish even better.
It might be that a new office is getting opened or you wish to adapt your old office. Since accumulated workers nowadays spent a greater allotment of the day in office, office furniture and the absolute atmosphere of your abode should accept furniture with your company's goals and aspirations. The ideal abode is both able and professional. Actual few of us apperceive that archetypal environments act as energisers and actuate the agents to accomplish better. home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

Methods of Duke Crafting: It is well accepted that the Amish reside simple lives that do not depend on modern aids or abstruse tools. There is accordingly actual little automation acclimated for the authoritative of Amish furniture. It is still fabricated the old ancient way; some of it is fabricated application old ancient accoutrement in an backward and no-shortcuts method. The joinery acclimated in Amish furniture is abnormally important, which accord it characteristic acceptable looks as well as amazing durability. Finishing of alone pieces is usually done by hand.
Exclusivity: With accumulation produced furniture, you are alas abiding that your section is one from a part of many, abounding others that are absolutely alike; even identical. The aforementioned cannot be said for Amish furniture however, back this is not accumulation band furniture. Each alone section of furniture is acquiescently created so that there are no two pieces of furniture that are identical. In actuality it is also accessible to accept pieces of furniture customized to clothing your alone requirements and tastes. There is none of the accumulation produced array of furniture if you attending at Amish fabricated furniture! home improvement tips and furniture sources at melodyhome

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