Summary of Kext Hacks

The guide describes the patches that need to be installed.

iDeneb provided fixes

According to the MacEee guide, which uses iDeneb v1, we install the following fixes:

8) Click the triangle to expand the patches.
Expand the triangle for Chipsets and check ICHx Fixed.
Expand the triangle for Kernel and check Kernel 9.4.0 Vanilla.
Expand the triangle for Wireless and check Broadcom.
Expand the triangle for Fix and check both FireWire Remove and ApplePS2Controller
Expand the triangle for Video, then the triangle for Intel. Finally, check the box for GMA950.

However, after updating to iDeneb v1.1, we find that ApplePS2Controller is no longer supplied as a fix.

You can get this file from the original iDeneb v1.0 disc under /System/Installation/Packages/Patches/Fix/ApplePS2Controller.pkg

It's also been questioned why the Broadcom wireless fix is installed, when the internal wifi card is a Ralink. My theory is that this is for the Bluetooth chipset, but I haven't really looked into it.

Post-installation Patches

The following kexts are supplied for installation from the MacEee website:


Joshua Ochs has suggested the alternate installation of ACPIBattery.kext from this InsanelyMac forum thread


These files complete the video support, correcting resolution and enabling Quartz hardware acceleration


Joshua Ochs has suggested the alternate installation of AppleSMBIOS.kext from this site maintaining a MacBook/portable SMBIOS


Enables sleep on screen close, from


External dual display support


Why do we install this? This is definitely not any network hardware we have in there…

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