The very basic Sound Tutorial

Copied mostly from this thread.

What do I need?

First off you're probably best to have attempted to use some of the methods described in the 'quick and dirty' thread. But here's all you should really need:

What do I do?

  • Remove AppleHDA.kext from your Extensions folder (System drive > System > Library > Extensions)
  • Install the AzaliaAudio.pkg
  • Reboot
  • Install Apple Developer Tools (this is needed for ioreg and reggie_se - if there are other methods for installing these elements, feel free to comment below)
  • Launch Audieee
  • Test if the sound works (with iTunes or other)
  • Open "System Preferences"
  • Select "Accounts"
  • Select "Login Items"
  • Add Audieee to the list by clicking on the "+" sign on the bottom of the list
  • Install Spark
  • Launch Spark
  • Select "File/New Hotkey/System"
  • Select the actions "Mute" and assign each a key combination under "Shortcut" (I'd suggest something like Ctrl-F10 - FN key does NOT work, they are not captured by OSX but by the BIOS directly!)
  • Check "Display confirm Dialog" (this makes for a nice OSD)
  • Hit "create"
  • Repeat for "Volume Up" and "Volume Down"

Normally you should now have sound on boot, on wake from sleep, keyboard control for Volume and Mute and the possibility to select the output (Speaker/Headphone) via the Audieee icon in the taskbar.


  • Make sure you're running the stock (vanilla) kernel
  • Make sure that audio is enabled in your eeepc's bio
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